shit List: another jacked concept

So I was introduced to this site, http://thearabparrot.uber.com/, and the guy seems pretty funny, definitely a good site to check out for a different perspective. Anyway he had a shit list post and I couldn't help but repost my own comment. I fully admit jacking his theme though.

Shit I hate
  1. Lupe Fiasco
  2. Motherfuckers who go "clubbin" on a wednesday
  3. $100 BBC shirts, what the fuck are they made out of, spun gold? human hair?
  4. All the candy colored bull shit in the clothing game. Kids dress like they fell out of a 80's cartoon
  5. Tyler Hansbrough
  6. debt collectors
  7. Lower east side, WHAT THE FUCK are you assholes doing over there?
  8. DC nightlife, christ almighty do the chocolate city residents suffer
  9. DC daylife, fuck
  10. Meter maids
  11. People who wear ipods while driving. GET a FUCKING stereo you cheap fucker
  12. Atlantic City
  13. Candy colored bullshit. Its the worst shit.