drug dealers are resourceful/creative

Heroin in Moon Pies? tasty

who would have thought to smuggle heroin discs inside of moon pies? Drug dealers thats who! they never cease to impress.
The DEA Northeast Laboratory (New York, New York) recently received 24 individually packaged, chocolate “moon pies,” four of which appeared to be genuine, and 20 of which instead contained a chocolate covered, wrapped disk of compressed tan powder, suspected heroin (see Photo 5). The exhibits were seized by DEA Strike Force personnel in New York (origin and seizure details sensitive). The disks (3.0 x 0.25 inches) were successively wrapped in black tape, carbon paper, aluminum foil, and green plastic, then coated with chocolate. Analysis of the compressed powder (total net mass 695.0 grams) by FTIR-ATR, GC/MS, GC/FID, and FT-NMR confirmed 67.8 percent heroin hydrochloride, adulterated with thiamine (salt form undetermined, not quantitated). This was the first such submission to the Northeast Laboratory.