Dave Chappelle @ The Funny Bone

okay so don't get too excited but this is a bootleg that was recorded back on April 14, 2004 at the Funny Bone Comedy Club in Ohio. If you've heard all of Dave's material (stand ups + specials) you've probably heard the majority of the material in this stand up. The reason to check this out would be for reference. Listen to this bootleg all the way through and you can really appreciate how Dave crafts his jokes into the best delivery possible. Most of the free flowing jokes in this bootleg eventually get developed into structured jokes in his "For What its Worth" stand up. Its really great to hear him just bounce material off the crowd and try shit out. As I've had the honor of seeing the master in person (on his birthday in DC no less) I can say that this is a close approximation to what seeing Chappelle in person turns into.

so in summary if you don't act like its new material you can appreciate this bootleg. and you will laugh, that's the most important part.

and just for clarification: you click on the link, enter the 3 letter code, download the .rar file and then open that shit up to get the album. If you don't have winrar yet (why not?) get it here winrar. and don't worry its a good program, nothing bad.

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