ok City thunderclaps


lame like being forced to watch the RNC and DNC simulcast on two tvs right next to each other while restrained to a wheelchair made of nails dead center at a WNBA game. and your feet are in a bucket of hot coals. and your eyes are peeled open like that guy in Clockwork Orange. that lame.

Clay Bennett (owner of the Sonics/Thunder) has totally missed the opportunity to create something refreshing and innovative. By choosing to puss out with this terrible font and color package the Thunder might as well relegate themselves to hot lunch status. Its that bad. Where's the creativity here? What kind of color palette for a professional team consists of blue, orange-red and yellow? this is NBA man, not the CFL or the NBDL, cmon.

this looks like a WNBA logo and color package. I just don't understand how an organization worth all that money would seriously green light some crap like this. laughable.

"The guys in the jerseys, if they play, the jerseys are going to look real good," coach P.J. Carlesimo said.

General manager Sam Presti told the crowd designing a logo "takes an immense amount of work, and it does take some time.

"Not that anyone was really paying attention to the amount of time it was taking," he quipped.

Team officials said they hope they can make the qualities of character, perseverance, selflessness, community and winning synonymous with Thunder.

motherfucker please. Some kid at a art design college could have drafted a better logo and color scheme in 3 hours. seriously. Perhaps the most misguided, dispassionate and lackluster professional sports logo produced in recent time. There is nothing unique, memorable or thunderous about it and the cornucopia of elements thrown in there never make a cohesive whole. Quite dispiriting to see a blank-slate opportunity missed so harshly.

my OKCity Thundercats was way better

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