resident Evil 5 Japanese Demo

Here is the Resident Evil 5 (Biohazard 5) Japanese Demo

Here are the details and a note regarding playing a region exclusive demo posted on NeoGaf

Title: Biohazard 5 (バイオハザード 5) / Resident Evil 5 *Demo*

Platform: PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360

Players: 1-2

Online: Yes

Leaderboards: ?


- 12/05/08 (JP) - XBL
- 12/18/08 (JP) - BRD (Disc)
- 12/??/08 (JP) - PSN

- 01/??/09 (US) - XBL
- 01/??/09 (US) - PSN
This is a demo, and it's free, and MS has no rules against people burning demos to disc or whatever and running them (since they clearly allow it and don't ban people on Xbox Live for it).
Simple steps to playing this demo

- download the rar ------> RE5 DEMO Megaupload link
- extract the "content" folder
- this will get you one (1!) folder named "content"
- burn this folder to a cd (as a DATA CD)
- insert cd into 360, it will show up as "mixed media"
- navigate to "my xbox", "demos"
- click & play!

1 note is that it takes a while for the disc to load up but rest assured this will work as I've done it myself and have had no problems. I used Nero 8 to burn btw.

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