the new pepsi logo

Pepsi has sent to twenty-five lucky "digital and social media influencers" three separately-shipped packages unveiling the new identity and packaging, flaunting the old Pepsi logos as if this new work was honoring what came before it. The package also included a DVD with a little motion piece that you can watch here.

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While a fresh look is always interesting it remains to be seen how this logo reboot will be accepted by the masses.

Pepsi Bottles

Pepsi Bottles

Pepsi Cans


movable Braille timepiece, Haptica

this is really impressive. David Chavez (his website) is a designer who just won a Spark Award (Spark's website) for his brilliant Braille watch design dubbed Haptica which displays a real-time readout in Braille using a military time format. It's a little surprising that no one had thought of this before.


Banksy's Village Pet Store & Grill

fishsticks in their natural habitat

There's a Banksy show/installation in Greenwich Village which opened 10/9.

"The Village Pet Store and Grill" has pet-like displays along with items that might make one hungry. Hot dogs and salami as gerbils, a hairless Tweety bird, fish sticks in a fish tank, chicken products in a coop, a grooming rabbit, a fur coat doubling as a cat, and best of all, a chimp watching chimp porn. (It's all animatronics.)

Lest the hours on the store's business cards fool you, it's actually open from 10am - midnight (not the printed time of 12pm) through October 31st at 89 7th Ave. South (btwn Jekyll and Hyde and Sushi Samba). There's talk the show may be recreated somewhere else after the run.

Check out the official site here: Village Pet store and Charcoal Grill


world cup mascots suck: 2010 prime example

South Africa seems to be staying in step with shitty World Cup mascot lineage.

To no one's surprise the committee decided to cross breed a human with a "radical" leopard to create a freakish amalgamation dubbed Zakumi. I was holding out hope for a rhino+shark/human hybrid. next time.

interesting cultural fact that you'll forget in 1 minute: "Za” is an acronym for South Africa while “kumi” apparently translates as “10″ in various languages across Africa. wow.
and here are some previous cup mascots. A few of them have a full bodied racist overtone. Mexico and South america stand out the most. Apparently there used to be a lot of love for Big Hats south of the border. si.


Under Siege 3: what the world needs

don't tease the world Steven,

apparently Seagal has put a lot of thought into where his John McClane, the Navy Seal chef Casey Rybeck, is headed…

“I personally want it to be something more modern. [long pause] In other words, [long pause] I wouldn’t mind if it was about something more mystical or [five minute pause] maybe extraterrestrial in nature. Some real government top secrets instead of just the typical.” [365 day pause]

His proposal was caught on video. Reliably, the actor says there are offers on the table.

This would be hilarious and totally necessary.