The Rise of Urban Farming Worldwide

There’s something poignant about this photo of a former bank vault in Tokyo that’s been converted into a semi-automated urban farm. In Japan, urban agriculture is not only making good use of spaces where money used to be, it’s also compensating for the traditional farmers that its shrinking population is shedding.

From Mumbai to Manila, cities in emerging economies are looking to urban farming to bolster job growth, improve food security and make more productive use of organic waste. The surprising role model for off-farm farming is Havana, Cuba where 90% of fresh produce supply is grown in the city. Nationwide, urban farming has created 350,000 jobs for Cubans and has boosted the average caloric intake from 2,323 per Cuban per day in 1993 to 3,547 today. Apparently, one main cause of this shift in food sourcing is the inefficiency of state-owned farms.

a picture of plants

China is also exhibiting how to industrialize the trend on a massive scale. The Modern Agricultual Science Demonstration Park in Beijing shows how a farm in the city can provide vegetation as well as aquaculture and livestock. Don’t expect an organic meal to come from here though. An entire section is dedicated to plant cloning and seed hacking.


Roddick will never beat Federer

Just don't ever see it happening. Roddick was at his best and still couldn't take 1 set.

old photo of when he dated Mandy moore. topical. why?


100 Cereal Box Design

Nothing says nutrition like a sugar loaded box of Jets or FrostyO's. theimaginaryworld.com has a pretty good collection of some really cool Cereal box design. Really makes you appreciate the good old days when you could put pretty much whatever the hell you wanted to in your product and still target kids.

mmmm, Count Chocula.


rip 1UP and egm

A late but fond farewell to the people over at 1UP and EGM. Recently one of the best/most opinionated arms of the videogaming review world was severed after Hearst publications absorbed Ziff Davis' unwanted, money bleeding operations. It's a shame that Ziff couldn't figure out a way to turn a profit with the established name that was EGM. I will miss the podcasts and the 1UP show the most. The 1UP show was with out question the best produced (if not slanted) video progam dedicated to moderately intelligent discussion regarding video games. Most likely the core group that was axed will resurface sooner than later but it won't be the same.

so RIP 1UP and EGM. you will be missed

Here's a link to Milkman's last 1UP blog post. Sums it up pretty well.