rip 1UP and egm

A late but fond farewell to the people over at 1UP and EGM. Recently one of the best/most opinionated arms of the videogaming review world was severed after Hearst publications absorbed Ziff Davis' unwanted, money bleeding operations. It's a shame that Ziff couldn't figure out a way to turn a profit with the established name that was EGM. I will miss the podcasts and the 1UP show the most. The 1UP show was with out question the best produced (if not slanted) video progam dedicated to moderately intelligent discussion regarding video games. Most likely the core group that was axed will resurface sooner than later but it won't be the same.

so RIP 1UP and EGM. you will be missed

Here's a link to Milkman's last 1UP blog post. Sums it up pretty well.

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