china celebrates by burning down the Mandarin

Ain't no party like a CCTV party, cause a CCTV party don't stop.....until it's burned down the Beijing Mandarin Hotel due to illegal fireworks. So many humorous observations can be made from this disastrous exhibit of a Chinese Party faux pas but I'll just look at the images and laugh.

Here's the quaint and party approved statement Mandarin issued:
Beijing Fire Control Bureau says CCTV staff responsible for the construction of the new TV complex, hired staff to ignite large festive firecrackers outside the building, and caused the fire. The move did not receive approval from related authorities. The fire has caused severe damage. CCTV sincerely apologizes for the damage that the fire caused, and the inconvenience it has brought to the public.
now look at pictures

cctv = BURN!

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