drug dealers are resourceful/creative: Part II

It's been a while since I've posted any interesting drug smuggling busts here at tier 1 but thats only because the DEA hasn't found any worth mentioning. You see the DEA releases a monthly collection of never seen before smuggling tactics and/or new drugs and usages. So finally this last month they busted some guy trying to bring 192 Churros stuffed with Cocaine. And I thought, 'there you go, that's worth a post'.


Photo 9
Photo 9

The DEA Northeast Laboratory (New York, New York) recently received a submission of 192 “Churros,” each containing a plastic-wrapped cylinder of an off-white powder, suspected cocaine (see Photo 9). The exhibits were seized by Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel from mail arriving at JFK International Airport (New York) on a flight from Guyana. Each individual “Churro” was approximately 3.0 inches long by 0.75 inch in diameter. Analysis of the powder (total net mass 1.15 kilograms) by GC/FID, GC/MS, and FTIR/ATR confirmed 82.2% cocaine hydrochloride, adulterated with levamisole (not quantitated). This was the first submission of “Churros” (or of any type of fried food) being used as a concealment technique to the Northeast Laboratory.

[Editor’s Notes: “Churros” (sometimes called “Spanish doughnuts”) are fried-dough pastries.]

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I love the DEA's note that explains the Churro. Great.

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