Hasheem Thabeet entering NBA draft, verbal agreement with BDA sports

Calvin Andrews, Carmelo Anthony's agent, will be representing Hasheem Thabeet when he announces that he is leaving UConn for the NBA. BDA Sports and Thabeet have a verbal agreement that covers the full extent of his future contract. Representation in the upcoming 2009 NBA draft will be directly handled by Calvin Andrews.

It is common knowledge that Thabeet is a lottery pick lock with some sites projecting him as high as the 2nd pick. Since UConn is already under investigation from the NCAA due to the Nate Miles text messaging fiasco it can't help the program's image to have a current student under representation of a sports agency prior to the completion of the regular season.

To summarize NCAA Bylaw 12.3.1, a player is supposed to become ineligible when they agree (orally or in writing) to be represented for the purpose of marketing in that sport. One might ask, what kind of program has Jim Calhoun been running up in Storrs? Are these just conveniently timed transgressions or has Calhoun been complicit in violating NCAA regulations for a longer period? It should be interesting to see if the forthcoming investigations actually end in sanctions for the program and what if anything they uncover in regards to Calhoun's involvement.

When I contacted BDA Sports' home offices in Walnut Creek, CA to ask Mr. Andrews for a comment in regards to Thabeet I was informed that he would not take my call.

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