Where is Dave Chappelle?


I need some perspective from Chappelle right now.

Where are you Dave?


richard jefferson traded to the Spurs

According to ESPN.com, Richard Jefferson has been sent free from his Milwaukee hell. Unfortunately he's moving to San Antonio but at least he has a chance to win and will play for a team that actually gives a damn. Good luck RJ.
The Milwaukee Bucks agreed to trade Richard Jefferson to the San Antonio Spurs for Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas and Fabricio Oberto a Bucks source told ESPN.com.


Late: Victory Day in Russia

This happened way back on May 9th. I just took a few of the images, you can see the rest at thebigpicture.com.

May 9th was observed as "Victory Day" in Russia and (to varying degrees) many former Eastern Bloc countries. Commemorating the defeat of Nazi Germany 64 years ago, in 1945, Victory Day is both a day of remembrance and recently, for the Russian government, an opportunity to revive the nation's armed forces and global clout. Upwards of 27 million Soviets, both military and civilian, lost their lives in World War II, between 1941 and 1945, and the impact of that conflict still reverberates strongly. Collected here are photos of the recent Victory Day Parade in Moscow, and several other observances in former Eastern Bloc countries.

It's too bad we can't parade our heavy armor down the main avenues of the US capitol. Nothing feeds the iron fist quite like a military parade.

The last photo is of unearthed Soviet Red Army identity capsules, Each capsule contains a slip of paper with the name of its bearer, like modern day dog tags.


DC Council Considers Banning Single-Slice Pizza

One of the more ridiculous legislations to be put up for vote: Washington DC is considering banning the sale of single slices of pizza. Yup, that’s right—a slice of cheese and pepperoni will no longer be available for purchase after a drunken night of bar hopping around Adams Morgan. The real issue at hand is a recent rash of street fights, stabbings, muggings, and even a shootout involving two plainclothes police officers.

Councilman Jim Graham is trying to combat the late-night wrongdoings by putting an end to the throngs of drunken folk scarfing pizza after hours at the city’s late-night slice joints. Clearly, banning pizza by the slice will end stabbings. I can’t believe they haven’t done this before!

DC is stupid.