District 9 is a good movie

I just got back from the DC screening.

Don't want to say too much about the plot because it will ruin the fun of the movie so I'll just say it looked fantastic. It was delivered well and the overall film itself really moved along and was very enjoyable. The special effects are spot on and are integrated with practical shots flawlessly. The alien-being "prawns" looked awesome. There's a ton of stuff going on with their faces and their four arm setup is constantly gesticulating when they speak or move.

The world that Blomkamp creates is a completely believable one. Alien racism, MNU authority and the look and feel (buildings, cars, uniforms, weapons) of the government branches is convincing as hell. It's really easy to buy into the world.

Enjoyable movie with a good plot and well filmed. Definitely worth seeing in the theaters.

1 more thing, at the screening they gave everyone a raffle ticket to win a Lithograph of the Alien Ship in District 9 signed by Peter Jackson. The host of the screening said that there were only 150 of them made and when they drew the winner it was 901668. My ticket was 901665. I was so steamed. This fat bitch who had been standing next to me in line ended up winning the lithograph. Such a waste. It was pretty big too, about the size of a large flat Fed Ex box.

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