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Urban Trail Standards for Multi-Use Trails in Colorado Springs

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  • Click Here. Urban trails within Colorado Springs are an important part of the community. Urban trails are not only used for recreational purposes, but also provide residents an off-street transportation system for non-motorized uses. The current standard for easement/corridor width is 50 feet, where feasible. A 50 foot corridor is found to provide adequate buffer room from other uses (roads, buildings, etc), a safer line-of-sight and generally a more pleasant trail experience. The 2000-2010 Parks, Recreation & Trails Master Plan identifies a three-tiered system approach.

    Tier 1 trails are multi-purpose trails that can accommodate a variety of trail users including walkers, joggers, recreational bikers, commute bikers, roller-bladers, and horseback riders (as appropriate) within the same trail corridor. A soft shoulder on each side of the trail is provided to reduce user conflicts. The main trail tread is a single, twelve-foot trail paved with concrete. The soft shoulder consists of crushed gravel, and provides a four-foot surface adjacent to or separated from the main tread (depending on site conditions).

    Typical Tier 1 Trail (Option 1)


    Tier 2 trails act as "feeder" trails for the Tier 1 trails, and consist of a single, twelve-foot trail paved with concrete or asphalt. A four-foot soft shoulder on the side of the trail consists of crushed gravel or mowed grass.

    Typical Tier 2 Trail


    Tier 3 trails are generally located in the mountains or foothills, and are less improved than a Tier 1 or 2 trail. Tier 3 trails are typically a four- to six-foot wide soft surface tread with no shoulders. Most users are hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians.

    Typical Tier 3 Trail

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