HBO's The Cube comes to dc

HBO's Cube

The Office of Motion Picture and Television Development and HBO are bringing ‘The Cube’ to the District this weekend. ‘The Cube,’ a 16 foot x 16 foot, four-sided video display, is a unique, new storytelling device that offers four different perspectives on the same scene simultaneously.

‘The Cube’ features two films, each two minutes and each played twice successively, on a rotating basis. In telling the same story from four distinct points of view, each side of the cube stands alone as an engaging film, and as one piece of a larger puzzle. As viewers move around the cube, they watch the story unfold from different perspectives, forming different perceptions, and often misperceptions, of the characters and plot. Only by watching the story unfold from multiple sides of the cube can one begin to see the bigger picture.

'The Cube' will be installed Thursday, October 8, at the plaza on the corner of Columbia Road, NW and Adams Mill Road, NW in Adams Morgan, and will operate Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 8 pm to 2 am.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information, please contact The Office of Motion Picture and Television Development at (202) 727-6608 or visit HBOimagine.com.

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