Budweiser Black Crown Pics and Review

Picked up a six pack of this new Budweiser Black Crown because I'm a sucker for new products and packaging. So far I've had two of them and can confidently say this beer is much better than Budweiser Select and Platinum. I found Platinum to be a quite brutal beer for it's stinging aftertaste. Select is a moderate attempt to gussy up Bud and it does to some extent but it still has nothing new to offer.

Black Crown is interesting in the sense that it has some characteristics of Amstel Light blended with classic Bud. The best part of the beer has to be the dissipating aftertaste. It just kind of goes away and doesn't overpower after you've finished your sip.

It's a reasonably good beer and it will be interesting to see if it can last given the volatility of the beverage market.

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